P e t e r   C o v i n o
P o e t      T r a n s l a t o r      E d i t o r

The Right Place to Jump

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$15.00 paper | 74 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-936970-09-4
Publication Date: Oct. 2012
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"If Frank O'Hara had lived to chronicle the post 9/11 decade, he might have written these wonderfully funny, sad, heartbreaking, jaunty, and always delightfully accurate poems by Peter Covino. The Right Place to Jump is unique in its immediacy, the tonal range of its love poems and elegies, its ability to draw the reader into the bitter-sweet daily round of the "missed-numbed decade." Who else would have begun a poem ("Broken Kingdom") with the advice, "Always check expiration dates"? Here is a poet who so readily laughs at himself that we cannot help sharing in the fun—and the pain."
Marjorie Perloff

"When I think of the landscape of American poetry—its boundaries and inclusions, its experiments and traditions, its vast wilderness and its communities—I cannot help but think of Peter Covino, whose work encompasses such a variety of tones and who himself is tied to multiple conversations without being rigidly defined by any of them. The Right Place to Jump, Covino's clarity of vision allows for narrative elements that tell the story of sexual awakening and maturation as a backdrop to deeper meditations on morality, mortality and the multi-cultural polyglot of America as both dream and reality. These are poems of lasting importance."
D. A. Powell

"The collection is a boundaryless performance by Covino, influenced as much by conventional and popular poetics as it is by experimentation. There are poems that seem to place him, to my mind, in the upper stratosphere of our small poetry world . . . for all its variety and chaos of style, what's special about The Right Place to Jump is that it feels whole, exactly the book it needs to be."
Robert Elliot, The Huffington Post

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